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Annual General Meeting

When we were obliged to cancel our plans for 9 May, we expressed the hope that it would be possible to hold an AGM in London on 8 August. As of mid-June, it appears doubtful that this will be permitted. Even were a physical gathering to be possible, many members may consider the risk of attending so large an indoor assembly, and of getting there by public transport, to be unacceptable. Accordingly, we have decided to follow the practice of most local authorities and to hold the meeting on-line, using Zoom, on 8 August at 1200.

The necessary link to join this meeting will be sent out by email to those members who have signed up for email alerts and in hard copy to all members with the next Sheetlines, which will come out somewhat in advance of its usual date and will include full AGM papers.

Also please see our Latest News page for an up to date listing of what events have also been sadly postponed. We plan to try and reorganise these for later in the year, details of which will appear here.

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The Society's Facebook Group is now active! Click here to visit and join. It contains many varied conversations about all manner of cartographic subjects related to the Ordnance Survey, its maps and the surveying behind them.

The online Collection of Map Covers is also live. Click here to explore. This is an ongoing project of collation, where Members have supplied variants of known Ordnance Survey map covers to make an online reference system. Its an ideal place to check an anomaly in your collection or a shop.

Have You Got a Question?

Are you currently doing research into a mapping or surveying related subject? Do you have a question about a specific map, a symbol on a map recent or old? Or are you curious as to something related to the Ordnance Survey?

If so, maybe this independent Discussion Group set up by CCS Members can help? Click here to visit and ask away. With over 100 subscribers currently, we can probably answer that question and supply further detail, to help you on your way.