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Added 21 February 2020
I would like to offer, in return for a donation to the Society, the following items:
* Five volumes of London 50" Ordnance Survey maps 1950 - 1960, Each volume containing 24 maps 16x32”
Overall coverage St John's Wood-Finsbury Circus-Battersea Park-Chiswick Common
The individual volumes cover:
▪ Knightsbridge-Victoria-Battersea Park-Earls Court
▪ St John's Wood-Regent St-Serpentine-Ledbury Rd
▪ Gt Percy St-Finsbury Circus-Blackfriars Rd-Regent St
▪ Blackfriars Road-Walworth-Albert Square-Victoria
▪ Westway-Hyde Park-Hammersmith Bridge-Chiswick Common
ALSO Atlas of Tanganyika – 3rd, Edn (Dept of Lands & Surveys) 1956,
Atlas of Kenya (Survey of Kenya) 1959
Atlas of Uganda (Dept of Lands & Surveys) 1962
To collect from London N1 or will deliver nearby.
Simon Morris, N1 1JH,

Added 16 February 2020
Populars, Fifths, Sevenths, Landrangers, Explorers & Barts 100k
FOR SALE: OS. Pops, Fifths, Sevenths, Land Rangers, Explorers, Barts 100k.
Fellow Members, I have several items for sale in EXCELLENT condition in the above categories.
If you have any please contact me to see the specific maps for sale or your general Wants list:

NEEDS: Pops, Fifths, Sevenths, Land Rangers, Explorors, Barts 100k.
I am looking for anyone who may be able to fill some gaps in my collections above.
If you have any OS maps in excellent condition only in the above series, please get in touch directly to me stating items for sale:

Dr. Iain Taylor (#61)

Added 20 January 2020
Free to collect from the Bristol area.
I have a large swatch of assorted sheet maps looking for a good home. These are a real mixed bunch, mostly paper but some on cloth and almost all colour and include examples of:
(1) plates from the Atlas of England & Wales such as the Bathy-orographical maps of England and Wales (1:700,000), of the British Isles (1:900,000), Population density maps and Vegetation & Agricultural maps. Not dated but c.1910
(2) GSGS sheets (eg GSGS 2738 of France etc, 1943, GSGS4346 of Budapest, Bari, Rhodes etc 1944)
(3) Sheets from the Philips Large School Maps (England and Wales) 1:375,000
(4) 1” Popular edition Scotland
(5) 1” Land Utilisation maps (Stow on the Wold, Gloucester)
(6) Various 6” and 1:10,000 maps – at least 25 assorted English and Scottish
(7) Various Bartholemew’s ½”
(8) OS ¼” 3rd edition Scotland, Islands
(9) OS Special District (Relief) map Cotswolds 1933
(10) Plus many international maps, eg Papua & New Guinea, Marquesas Islands (c 1899), NEPAL, Nicaragua, South Pole
(11) Geological maps, inc Canada 1”, South Africa, Morocco

Available free to anyone interested but must be collected (near Bristol). Email if you're interested.

Updated 18 June 2019
Map Collection available for nominal donation
Quantity: Approx. 5,000 maps flat sheet.
Condition: Varies from good (flat sheet no rips or folds – many have small rips, or folds from use in teaching.
Details: Collection contains UK Geological maps circa 1950’s – 1960’s, 1” UK OS Maps, Worldwide maps dating back to 1930’s (Canadian military survey, Indian Survey, Greece, Africa, South Asia, France, Sweden, Norway, Holland etc.) UK War Office collection maps,
Location: Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire Campus, Crewe. CW1 5DU.
Deadline: Maps would need to be collected from the site before 5th July 2019.
Contact: Antony Tibbetts Email: Tel. 0161 247 5343

Updated 13 June 2019
FREE if collected from North Staffordshire or carriage is paid
Land Utilisation Survey of Britain, 1930s. Nicely printed in colour on OS Popular Edition one-inch base maps. A dozen or more copies of each of the following sheets - 10, 13, 17, 20, 21, 25, 27, 51, 55, 60, 69, 74, 83, 91, 92, 94, 137, 140, 145 together with a selection of second series sheets from the 1960s based on the 1:25K provisionals. This collection as a lot, FREE to good home provided it is collected from North Staffordshire or carriage is paid.
For further details email Richard Dean at

Updated 4 June 2019
One box full, perhaps 2 cubic feet or so, of sets of OS 1 inch and 2½ inch map extracts as used in GCE O level and A level geography examinations during the 1950s-1970s. These were rescued from school geography departments many years ago, but a thinning out of possessions means that they need to be disposed of. There are perhaps 100 or more sets, some with only a few maps but others containing up to fifty copies. Their condition is variable, as is to be expected from sheets used by schoolchildren, but generally adequate to good.
Martin Coombs, Location near Kirkby Lonsdale south-east of Kendal.

Updated 2 May 2019
I will be holding a stall at the Society’s AGM in Alnwick on May 11th. I have recently sorted my stock of OS military maps, mostly acquired 20-40 years ago and subsequently stored flat in a plan chest. The condition of these maps varies widely from unfolded, pristine to well used. I have too many Popular, War Revision and Second War Revision sheets to take them all to the map market but if you are coming to the AGM and are looking for specific sheets, please let me know and I will reserve them for you without obligation. All will be priced at £1 or £2 each and I can supply map tubes at no extra cost to transport them home.
I also have a stock of final sheets of the 7th Series, most of which are in pristine condition and stored flat, which will be priced at £3 each or less.
Finally I have a large number of spare folded sheets of all states and most ages, mostly from the 3rd edition large sheet series onwards but with a few earlier sheets – too many to bring all to the AGM, so if you are interested in specific sheets or series, please let me know and I can bring them along.
Maps may be posted to members not attending the AGM, subject of course to additional charges for postage at cost.
Please contact me by email at If you provide your phone number I can call you back, given the limited time available before the AGM.

Updated 23 April 2019
I have a number of old OS Maps surplus to requirements, of various ages (mainly 1" / 1:50,0000). I am very much a map user, rather than collector, so most are well used, or very well used. However, I am reluctant to bin (recycle them) so I was wondering if it is likely whether any fellow members would be interested. Full list is here: William Heaps,

Updated 25 March 2019
I have a large number of maps in both these categories.
Please get in touch if you have a list you can send me or you would like to see mine!
Iain Taylor,, CCS Member No. 61.

Updated 6 February 2019

Updated 15 December 2018
The bookshop of the Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology is selling a number of rarely-encountered OS-derived maps, such as Soil Survey sheets; they are being offered to CCS members via the Hon Sec, before going on sale generally.
Click here for details

Updated 15 December 2018
Leather case containing collection of old Bartholomew maps. mostly in decent condition.
There are twenty-eight 'Bartholomew's Reduced Survey' (cloth):
Numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,14,16,17,18,19,22,23,24,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,35,36.
There are two 'Bartholomew's Revised half-inch contoured (cloth): Numbers: 4,28.
There is one 'Bartholomew's Revised half-inch contoured ( later edition in cloth): Number: 11.
There are two 'Bartholomew's Revised Half-inch contoured (later edition in paper): Numbers: 21,26.
The leather case is in fair condition for its age.
Anthony Allsop Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Updated 5 November 2018
I have a map entitled ‘The Cotswold Hunt’ (62cm x 53cm), it is the 1912 version, printed by the OS but based on the one-inch Third Edition map of England and Wales. The places of meets and the boundaries of the hunt were marked in red. Entitled Cotswold Hunt Map, it also is mounted on thick card & is in pretty good nick. It carries a note ‘Printed Specially for Cotswold Hunt’. This map is mentioned at
Completely surplus to my requirements, came as part of an auction lot, even so I’d prefer it to go to a good home rather than recycling. Might anyone have any interest? Any offer that covers the p&p and something?
Simon Gilkes, Email:

Updated 4 October 2018
A recently bereaved widow is seeking to sell 'a huge collection of OS maps from the north east - maybe about 600 across 3 storage cases - some dating back to 1800s '. The maps are at Washington, Tyne & Wear. Anyone wishing to make an offer, please contact Anita at

Updated 27 September 2018
I have 30 single sheet Ordnance Survey maps of various locations from Birmingham to the South Coast. Editions between 1949 to 1960 with War Office printed or stamped on the sheets. Condition varies from good to quite used. Ewan a Ramsay,

Updated 21 September 2018
I have some original railway maps of the railway line between Rochdale and Halifax circa 1839.There are 10 large sheets showing the Parishes of Halifax and Rochdale with townships of Castleton, Stansfield, Sowerby, Stanley-cum-Renthorpe, Erringden, Midgley and Wakefield.
Dave Latham, 07711 752887, I live in the Chorley area,

Updated 4 September 2018
The Hon Sec has been investigating the rolled maps that have been given to the bookshop of the Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology but which have not been put on sale in the shop for lack of space. The more exceptional items are listed below. Anyone interested may contact the bookshop (in advance of any visit), but it's probably easiest to email the Hon Sec, who can expand on these details.
1:2500: An extensive collection of sheets for North and NE Lincolnshire, late 1960s, on chart paper.
1:10,560: A range of County Series sheets for Lincolnshire, 2nd edition, good condn. Also Iona!
Also a curious set of 3 NGrid Provisionals, SJ99SW,SJ99SE,SJ98NE with quite decent hand-colouring of main roads (brown) and water (blue).
1:25,000: GSGS3906, sheets for N Lincs, inc 53/40 NE, 53/40 SE, 56/32NW, 56/40 NW, 56/42NW
1:63,360: Popular Edn 39, 55, 95, 102, 104, 112, 142, Scottish 47 & 84
Popular Outline 2 (ie black & brown) of E&W Sheet 42 in original 1922 state.
1:126,720: Outline & Water: sheets 14 & 18

Updated 17 August 2018
Offers are invited for items from the exceptional collection of Old Series and other engraved OS maps of a deceased member.
The list here is divided into two sections: folded maps (mostly in non-OS covers) and flat maps. There is a remarkable quantity of nineteenth-century mapping, much of it in really good condition. Bidders are responsible for costs and risks of carriage etc; alternatively they may collect from Lincoln. It may also be possible to arrange to collect from Cambridge, Kew, or Harrogate.

Offers are to reach by 13 Sep.

Updated 1 August 2018
Mike Parker, Map Addict, 2009, Sbk with a few illustrations
Yolande O' Donoghue, William Roy, Pioneer of the Ordnance Survey 1726-1790, 1977, Sbk, b/w illustrations
Rachael Hewitt, Map of a Nation. Biography of the O S,.2010, Hbk b/w illustrations
Leslie Gardiner, Bartholomew’s 150 Years, 1976, Hbk. b/w and colour illustrations
T R Nicholson,Wheels on the Road: Road maps of Britain 1870-1940, 1983 Sbk b/w illustrations
Ashley Baynton-Williams,Town and City Maps of the British Isles 1800-1855, 1992, Hbk, colour illustrations British Library(publisher), The Counties of Britain: A Tudor Atlas by John Speed, 1988, Hbk, Colour illustrations.
William Ravenhill, Christopher Saxton’s 16th Century Maps, 1992,Hbk,Colour illustrations
J B Harley, Ordnance Survey Maps: a descriptive manual , 1975, Hbk
Roger Hellyer, Ordnance Survey Small-Scale Maps indexes 1801-1998 , 1999,Hbk
Peter Whitfield, The Mapmakers. A history of Stamfords, 2003,Sbk, b/w and colour illustrations
Yolande Hodson, Map Making in the Tower of London: Ordnance Survey’s early years ,1991, Sbk, b/w illustrations
Sheetlines 1-45 bound in 3 vols. (NB some of early issues are reprints).
Margary Reprints:
The County of Kent in 1801, 1990, Sbk, Reproduction of the Mudge map
The Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales Vol. VIII: Northern England and the Isle of Man, 1991,Hbk Reproduction of Old Series north of Preston-Hull line
The Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales. Vol VII North -central England, 1989, Hbk - Reproductions of Old Series from Birmingham up to Halifax
OS Publications:
Catalogue, 1 Jan 1905, quarto, 99pp.
A description of Ordnance Survey Small Scale Maps, 1925
A description of Ordnance Survey Small Scale Maps ,1947
A description of Ordnance Survey Medium Scale Maps, 1947
A description of Ordnance Survey Large Scale Maps, 1947
Ordnance Survey, 1791-1991,- 200 years,1991, Sbk, colour illustrations
Ordnance Survey large scale maps, services and special products
1991, Sbk
Ordnance Survey Maps, Atlases and Guides, 1991, Sbk, colour illustrations
O. S. SHOP DISPLAY STAND of veneered/laminated chipboard (see above)
Dimensions:20” wide,59” high,depth reduces from 7" at top to 20" at bottom.Top shelves ideal for showing covers.
Offers on all these items invited before 25 August. Purchaser to collect from Harrogate or to pay for shipment. Contact

Updated 9 July 2018

FOR SALE:10-drawer map chest available to good home in return for a donation to Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology.

To be collected from Louth. Contact

The OS's most elusive post-war maps?
As Roger Hellyer observed in the cartobibliography of the 1:25,000 Provisionals, most editions probably exist in Outline form but it has been hard to find examples. The Hon Sec recently had occasion to catalogue a collection of these donated to Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology. Out of 86 sheets, no fewer than 33 were of editions not previously recorded in Outline form; 54 were new states (new editions or new price codes). CCS members are offered the rare opportunity to acquire these Outlines at just £1 each (+P&P - or arrange to collect from Lincoln). Maps are on chart paper. Unless noted 'XA', they are annotated with Drainage Board boundaries, SSSIs, and with selected archaeological sites. Editions are given in modern style (eg B1) rather than in the form on the map (B). To place orders, contact . Cheques should be payable to 'Lincolnshire Heritage'. Members wanting information on price codes should contact the Hon Sec.
Also available are numerous sheets in coloured edition at just 50p each (+P&P). All these are flat. Most are late printings having the reverse printed with the basic cover and index map, etc, ready for folding, and are generally in near-pristine condition, albeit some have had hangers attached for vertical storage . Some are early printings, generally in a separate list within each 100km square.
Minimum order value (for Outline and Coloured combined) is £5.
Outline editions
70 B
71 B
80 B1 - XA
80 B1
81 B1
82 B1
90 C1
91 C1
92 B2

69 B2
78 C -XA
79 B
81 B
82 B1
83 B2
84 B
85 B
86 C
88 B -XA
89 B1
91 B1
92 B1
93 B1
94 B1
95 B
96 B1
97 B2
98 B
99 B

00 B
02 B2
10 B1
11 C2
12 B2
21 B2

00 A
01 B1
02 B
03 B1
04 B
04 B1
05 B1 -XA
06 B1
07 B
08 B
09 C
10 B1
11 B
12 B1
13 B
14 B
15 B
16 B1
17 B
19 B
20 C -XA
21 B -XA
22 B2
23 B
24 B
25 B
26 B1
27 B
28 B
29 C1
30 B1 -XA
31 B -XA
32 B1 -XA
33 B
34 B1 - XA
35 B - XA
36 B
37 B
38 B1
39 B1
41 B1 -XA
42 B - XA
43 B - XA
44 B - cropped beyond Eastings 50 (ie the TF 54 part)
45 B1
47 B
48/58 B
49 B1
52 B - XA
55 A
56 B1
57 B1

Coloured Editions

70 B annotated
71 B
72 B2
80 B1
81 B1
82 B1
90 C2
91 C1
92 B

SK [or 43/ ] (early)
93 A
95 A

SK (late)
79 B
81 B
82 B2
83 B2
84 B2
85 B1
86 C1
87 C1
88 B1
89 B1
90 B1
91 B2
92 B1
93 B2
94 B1
95 B
96 B2
97 B3
98 B1
99 B

TA/54 (early)
01 A
12 15046
30/40 A

TA (late)
00 B
01 B
02 B2
10 B1
11 C3
20 B2
21 B
30/40 B

TF/53 (early)
00 A
08 A
10 A
11 A
20 B
21 A
22 A
23 A
24 A
26 A
27 A
30 A
33 A
34 A (annotated)
36 A
42 A
43 A
44/54 A
45 A
46 A
49 A (annotated)
52 A
57 A

TF (late)
00 B3
01 B1
02 B
03 B1
04 B1
05 B1
06 B1
07 B
08 B
09 C1
10 B1
11 B
12 B1
13 B
14 B
15 B
16 B1
17 B
18 B1
19 B
20 C
21 B
22 B2
23 B
24 B1
25 B1
26 B1
27 B
28 B1
29 C1
30 B1
31 B1
32 B1
33 B
34 B1
35 B
36 B
37 B
38 B1
39 B1
40 B1
41 B1
42 B
43 B1
44/54 B
45 B1
46 B2
47 B1
48/58 B
49 B1
50 C2
51 B
52 B
55 B
56 B1

Updated 9 July 2018
FOR DISPOSAL: The following publications are offered.
Please contact Brian Garvan, Tel: 01628 525045, email:
[OS] Publication News
Listing all maps published in [month and year]:
July 1992 maps published in June 1992*
August 1992 July1992*
September 1992 August 1992*
October 1992 September 1992*
November 1992 October 1992*

Issue 4 1993 March 1993
Issue 8 1993 August 1993
Issue 9 1993 September & October 1993

Issue 1 1994 November & December 1993
Issue 2 1994 January 1994
Issue 3 1994 February 1994
Issue 4 1994 March 1994
Issue 5 1994 April 1994
Issue 6 1994 May 1994
Issue 9 1994 September 1994 *
Issue 10 1994 October 1994

Issue 1 1995 November & December 1994
Issue 4 1995 March 1995*
Issue 5 1995 April 1995
Issue 6 1995 May 1995*
Issue 7 1995 June & July 1995
Issue 8 1995 August 1995
Issue 9 1995 September 1995

Issue 1 1996 November & December 1995
Issue 2 1996 January 1996
Issue 3 1996 February 1996*
Issue 4 1996 March 1996
Issue 5 1996 April 1996
Issue 6 1996 May 1996
Issue 7 1996 June & July 1996*
Issue 8 1996 August & September 1996*
Total 31 items
All copies are ex-library copies bearing a date stamp and/or manuscript annotations on front cover except for copies marked ‘*’ which are clean copies free of any markings.


[OS] Mapping News
Twice yearly newsletter especially for teachers of the new curriculum in geography

Issue 1 Autumn 1991*
Issue 2 Spring 1992*
V2.0 Rev July 2018

Updated 2 June 2018
Thacker's Reduced Survey of India with inset plans of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras and General Index, edited by J.G. Bartholomew, 4th edn, 1910. Map dissected and mounted on linen, index on paper pages which have come lose from the binding, bound in blue cloth, cover stained and damaged, but map and index in good condition. -- £35.00
Land Utilisation Map of England and Wales, based on the One Inch Ordnance Map, sheet 102, Newport , survey of 1935 - 10.00
For sale at prices shown + £1.00 postage and packing (for any number of maps). For sale on behalf of the Oxfam Bookshop, Chipping Norton. All profits to Oxfam. Contact: Nina Morgan at

Updated 17 May 2018
[all sold]

Alan Fair 01730 267991 has an A3 (420mm by 297mm) coloured commemoration of CCS 25th Anniversary. November 2005. 3 panels showing OS in Tower, at London Road and Romsey Road. Two panels are coloured all three have pictures and plans. Would perhaps look awesome framed on your wall. Complete with stiff backed envelope. Perhaps too large, precious, for RM but collect from Petersfield or might deliver. I am frequently all over the place.

Updated 30 March 2018
Tranche 9 of the O'Brien collection is now being offered.
No new material this time, but it was suggested that I should re-advertise unsold items from the last tranche, along with items from earlier tranches where my description had failed to explain their importance or interest.
Detail listing at
Bids to by 6 May 2018.

Updated 2 February 2018
FOR SALE: Boxed set of One-inch Seventh Series maps. Number 32 of a limited edition of 65 sets which were offered for tender by the Ordnance Survey to celebrate its Bicentenary in 1991.
189 sheet maps together with an introduction by Richard Oliver. Measures 800cm x 980cm. “As new” condition. “Downsizing!”
Offers over £500 plus costs of transportation, to Tim Bleasdale ( by 31 March 2018.

Updated 20 December 2017
CCS member Michael Bromley wishes to dispose of about 60 folded OS maps as listed below. No charge, but acquirer to collect from Guildford or pay for postage. Please call him on 01483 811554 to discuss

Updated 24 November 2017
Set of 4 25" plans of Blackburn, Lancashire dating from 1956, includes:
SD 6725, SD6726, SD6829, SD6830
Folded, with plain orange card covers.
For sale at £10 for the set + £2.40 postage and packing. For sale on behalf of the Oxfam Bookshop, Chipping Norton. All profits to Oxfam. Contact: Nina Morgan at

Updated 8 November 2017
FOR SALE: One-Inch Seventh Series
An extensive collection of OS maps covering most of the UK is for sale as a single lot. Please email Keith Jameson for the list which includes edition, revision + publication date, map + cover condition and supplementary notes. Many are almost new or printed in ten colours.

Updated 30 October 2017
Early 20th century OS Maps of England and Scotland
One-inch maps, large sheet series
Sheet 120, Exmoor, on linen, 3rd edn, revised 1906, published 1909, some wear on folds, previous owner's signature on front cover, charming pencil sketch of a thatched cottage on one of the back panels of the map (this doesn't show through to the front face) - £5.99
All for sale at prices shown + £2.40 postage and packing for any number of maps. For sale on behalf of the Oxfam Bookshop, Chipping Norton. All profits to Oxfam. Contact: Nina Morgan at

Updated 13 October 2017

Updated 2 October 2017
For Sale: Early 20th century Swiss maps
The Valesia Face of Monte Rosa, published by the Alpine Club, scale 1: 25.000, (From the Survey with additions and corrections by G.F. & G.B. Gugliermina of the Italian Alpine Club), May 1915, dissected on linen, maroon coloured marbled card cover with handwritten label and name of previous owner - £10
Atlas topographique de la Suisse, 1:50,000, Col du Gd St Bernard, Service topographique fédéral, Berne 1905, dissected and mounted on linen, previous owner's name written on outside cover - £10
Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz. überdruck. Theodulpass, 1:50,000, Schweiz Landestopographie, Bern, 1911. Dissected and mounted on linen, previous owner's name written on outside cover. £7
Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz, 1:50,000, Lötscheberggebiet, Eidg. Landestopograhie, Bern. 1919, Dissected and mounted on linen, previous owner's name written on outside cover £7
Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz (Siegfriedatlas) Ausgabe auf zähem Papier, Cover is for Blatt Nr. 393, Meiringen, 1:50,000, Eidg Landestopographie, Bern, but the map is a composite of the Sachseln 1:50,000 sheet (Blatt 389), Section 7, Bl XIII, 1873, and the Engleberg 1:50,000 sheet (Blatt 390), no date visible, neatly pasted together. Folded paper - £4
Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz (Siegfriedatlas) Ausgabe auf zähem Papier, Blatt Nr. 529. Orsières, 1:50,000, Schweiz. Landestopographie, Bern 1901, clean copy, on paper - £5
Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz (Siegfriedatlas) Ausgabe auf zähem Papier, Blatt Nr. 472, Lenk, 1:50,000, Eidg. Landestopographie, Bern, 1926, folded paper, worn on folds, pencil markings on reverse, and on margins of map, name of previous owner written on the cover - £5
All for sale at prices shown + postage at cost. For sale on behalf of the Oxfam Bookshop, Chipping Norton. All profits to Oxfam.
Contact: Nina Morgan at

Updated 18 September 2017
Bids are invited for 3 items from the collection of a member who is now in a care home, to be received by before 8 Oct.
York Town Map, 1920 Paper flat, which has been folded to 5"x10". There are 7 small tears at folds. Only one of these extends within the outer margin of the map; this one continues perhaps 1mm inside the neat line. Small holes have appeared at several intersections of folds within the map. However, the map itself is clean and bright and would justify conservation work.
Killarney District, 1:63,360, revised 1908, published 1913. Buff post-independence cover, with 'SE', shield, title and ?Glendalough view, surrounded by interlace. This is the first of the OS experiments in the use of layers and hillshading, along with hachures, to show relief, It is presumably a post-independence printing, but whereas the state of the plates deteriorated later on, here they still seem to be crisp. (See photo at General condition of map is good.
Six-inch Special Emergency Edition, Northumberland N86SW (Killingworth). Good condition.
Irish quarter-inch sheets Paper, flat, copies are also available of all the Irish quarter-inch sheets in printings ranging from 1905 to 1918, several being in outline form. These all appear to be pre-independence printings, as opposed to later ones. Enquiries invited.

Updated 26 August 2017
WANTED: It has been suggested that the best way to contact the stall holders at the last AGM is to invite them to get in touch with me and allow me to send a current wants list. If you were one and would like to contact me to receive and discuss my wants please email me.
Prof. Iain Taylor, Halifax, NS ,

Updated 5 August 2017
FOR SALE : KILLARNEY 1” map 1913. Rare Experimental map.
Arguably Charles Close’s favourite map. Understood to be the first colour printed map by OS. 11 colours. Arguably the zenith of OS colour printing. Relief shown by black dotted contours, hachures and hill shading.
This is a flat sheet folded, without cover. It is CLOTH. It is 22.5” by 31” portrait. It has wear on some intersects and pin holes top corners only. Must have been somebody’s ‘Pin Up’.
If you would like to see photographs, if you would like to offer what you think it might be worth, or both, or anything else, please be in touch.
Alan Fair,

Updated 26 July 2017

Updated 3 July 2017
Tranche 8 of the O'Brien collection is now being offered. Although there is nothing of great financial value, there are specialist items of considerable rarity.
Detail listing at
Bids to HonSe by 31 July.

Updated 15 June 2017
The great bulk of the late Ray Carroll's OS maps will be appearing in the Jews' Court bookshop of the Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology. However, the finest items are being auctioned to CCS members. These are:
1. 3rd Edn Special Sheet : Ashford & District (5.12). Paper, in red EM cover with mantling (H10) and ornamental "2/-" price sticker. Superficially vgc but on opening the map one finds significant tears along a couple of the folds and tears just starting along others.
1" Popular Edition (E&W) :
2. Sheet 32 2038. Cloth. vgc.
3. Sheet 116 ...3036. Cloth. vgc.
4. Sheet 117 ... 6300/31. The A299 has appeared in black only between Eddington and St Nicholas at Wade. Cloth. vgc.
5. Sheet 117 2036. Cloth. Good cond'n - v small tear starting along one fold.
6. Sheet 131 ... 6500/32. Cloth. vgc, except that 2" graticule has been numbered in pencil.
7 Sheet 140 2036. Cloth. vgc.
8. Sheet 141 ... 3036. Cloth. vgc.
9. Sheet 145 in its initial 1919 state. Cloth. Excellent cond'n - as new.
10. Half-inch (E&W) Large-sheet series : Sh 18, Spalding, layered, in its 1910 sate. Cloth in white OS linen covers. Covers abraded in one corner but otherwise clean and presentable. Map inside is in very good condition, crisp and bright.
11. Quarter-inch 2nd edn (E&W) : Sh 3, cloth, with direct-printed cover "printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited, London Wall, London, for the Ordnance Survey, 1914". Cover slightly grubby, otherwise very good condition.
Bids to be received by Hon Sec before 16 July.

Updated 7 June 2017
FOR SALE : Harry Margary Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales.
Complete set of 8 volumes, with dust covers. Price ?, don't know but open to offers. Please contact David Brock email

Updated 5 June 2017
FOR SALE : Large collection of Ex-MoD British Isle War Office Maps located in Skegness, Lincolnshire.
Circa 1940 to 1960 1st to 7th editions including Popular editions – we have around 260 different maps all with multiple copies of each, approximately 7000 in total, including, for example:
England South Qtr inch to 1 Statute mile 1955 7th Edition 4628GSGS Sheet 11
South West Qtr inch to 1 mile 1954 5th Edition 4650 GSGS Sheet 2
Grampian Mountain Blair Atholl 1 inch 1 mile 1949 Popular Edition 4639GSGS Sheet 49
GB London 1 inch 1 mile 1952 2nd Edition 4620 GSGS sheet 160
Orkney Island Mainland 1 inch 1 mile 1950 popular edition 4639GSGS sheet 6
Northern Ireland Eire Dublin Qtr Inch to 1 Mile 1953 2nd Edition 4338 GSGS Sheet 4
GB Cardiff 1 inch 1 mile 1961 7th Series 3GSGS Sheet 154
GB The Chilterns 1 inch 1 mile 1951 2nd Edition 4620GSGS Sheet 159
GB Redcar & Whitby 1 inch 1 mile 1960 7th Series 3GSGS Sheet 86
See the full list at and examples of typical sheets at
Price ranging from £5 each but open to negotiation for multiple purchases
Contact Paul Devereux on 01754 882226 or on

Updated 27 April 2017
FOR SALE: 18th century hand-coloured map and plan of the Attacks and Defences of the City of Toulon August by Sea and Land under His Royal Highness the Duke of Savoy and Sir Clowdsley Shovell Admiral of the British Fleet August 1707 together with a volume relating to Sir Clowdsley Shovell’s Disaster Isles of Scilly October 1707. Contact Sue Kittow on or ring Colin Ivens on 07553 950097

FOR SALE: A 2-volume set of 'An Account of the Operations carried on for accomplishing A Trigonometrical Survey of England and Wales' by Captain William Mudge FRS [vol I 1799 & vol II 1801] and Mr Isaac Dalby [vol II only]. Vol I Illustrated with 22 copperplates, and Vol 2 with seven. Foldout maps of Hounslow Heath, Romney Marsh and King’s Sedgemoor baselines; triangulations of Essex, Kent and several other southern counties; magnificent diagrams of measuring equipment, telescopes, etc. Slight foxing on these but otherwise good condition.
Vol II includes the 1804 second part by Major Mudge: ‘An Account of the Measurement of an Arc of the Meridian, extending from Dunnose in the Isle of Wight, to Clifton in Yorkshire’. Neatly annotated with figures and comments in pencil, probably by the original owner [initialled ‘W.G.’].
Very nice modern rebinding, half-bound calf with ribbed spine titled in gilt:
see photos
Price £1,250 ono. Gerry Zierler 020 7485 4851 or

Updated 29 March 2017
FOR SALE: We have a boxed set of 62 Bartholomews revised half-inch contoured maps cloth dissected from the early 1950s , which are now surplus to requirements. They were bought in Ludlow several years ago and are marked "Magee College Library Londonderry".
Offers to or more information from Richard Morris

Updated 11 March 2017
The twelfth annual “Maps & Surveys” Seminar on historical & current hydrographic and military surveying, charting and mapping will take place at the Arlington Arts Centre, Donnington, Nr Newbury, Berks, RG14 3BQ, on Saturday 24 June 2017.
The cost of attendance is £25, which includes lunch, and tea & coffee breaks.
Full details of the programme at
More informatio from Mike Nolan on (01635) 253167

Updated 10 March 2017
We have recently moved into a new office and have found a large amount of various OS maps of Dorset, Isle of Wight etc they date from the 1940’s and 1950’s I don’t want them to be thrown away and was hoping they may be over interest and maybe some value?
James Elsaba, Wimborne, BH21

Updated 1 March 2017
OS National Grid 6" and 1:2500 maps
I am currently listing a good selection of these on Ebay at sensible
fixed prices, post free. To see the listings, which I will constantly be
adding to, click on Ebay's 'Advanced Search' the find my items 'By
Seller' on the left hand side. Just enter 'Cartoholic' without the quotes.
Richard Dean,

Updated 16 February 2017
From a pilot grandfather I have these sheets, all folded:
OS Maps Second War Revision 1940, 1"
sheet 36 - Manchester
OS Maps Second War Revision 1940, 1/4"
sheet 6 - North Midlands & Lincolnshire
OS (Aeronautical map) RAF War 2nd edition, 1/4"
Eastern counties - sheet 9
England North East - sheet 3
Midlands (S) - sheet 8
Midlands (N) - sheet 5
South Wales - sheet 7
England South - sheet 11
and then
1-250,000 Europe (Air) Naples - sheet k.33/11 1st Edition.
Could they be of interest ? Don't hesitate should you need more information.

Updated 2 February 2017
The final major tranche of the material from Ian O'Brien's collection is now being auctioned for the benefit of the Society. It includes a copy of the Mudge map of Kent (Lot 3), several one-inch Greenwoods (lots 28-33), various early road books (142-146) and even some German Mil-Geo material (147-149).
Full details are in this document :
Bids must be received by 28 February to

Updated 17 January 2017
ON FREE OFFER: Downsizing means that I must dispose of the following rather random selection of OS maps and plans FREE to anyone who can collect or arrange collection from Glossop, Derbyshire. See the list at
Paul Bush, 07851 068432

Updated 24 December 2016
FOR SALE: O.S. 2.5” Maps. First Series. I seem to have accumulated a lot. Mostly, not all, flat sheets. Please advise any interests, areas or preferably sheet numbers. An idea of what you would like to pay will assist, but please bear in mind that large quantities justify enormous discounts. Please supply telephone number, preferably, or E mail. Alan Fair, 01730 267991.

Updated 14 December 2016
Please can anyone supply 1:25000 sheet NO42 & part NO52 Provisional Edition 1956, covering my part of North-East Fife?
Andrew Cook (CCS 5)

COMING! New book by John Davies and Alex Kent about Soviet military mapping of Britain and America will be published in September 2017. For more information see

Updated 30 November 2016
FOR SALE for Charles Close Society funds: several copies, mostly as new: each £5 inc UK postage.
OS New Series Professional Papers. Published 1972/4 in A4 olive green card covers.
No 25 The Overhaul of the 1:2500 County Series Maps [30pp + 5 foldout map extracts];
No 26 The National Gravity Reference Net 1973 (NGRN 73) [22pp + 2 foldout GB diagrams];
No 27 The Precise Alignment Survey of a 5 kilometre Radio Telescope Aerial Array for the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University [44pp inc illustrations + foldout 1:50 000 map of construction area SW of Grantchester, on old Bedford railway alignment].
ALSO Ordnance Survey Corporate Plan 1992-95 [A4 spiral pb, 14 pages text inc GB map of OS Digitising Programme 1991-6 by County].
AND OS Annual Reports [except earlier editions, mostly with colour index maps/foldouts]: 1976/7; 1977/8; 1979/80; 1982/83; 1983/4, 1984/5; 1985/6; 1986/7; 1987/8; 1989/90.
Please email your order and address details and order to

Updated 23 November 2016
OPEN HOUSE SALE of Books and Ephemera relating to London's transport on Saturday 3rd December at 24 Reveley Square, London SE16 6HS from 1000 to 1600. Many unusual Tfl, LT etc maps and plans All items are sold as found. Cash only, bring your own bags.

Updated 16 November 2016

Updated 30 October 2016
GSGS 4639, Popular Edn of Scotland c Nat. Grid 1949.
Sheets 1-74 ( ex Sheet 8 ) , 79 & 81.
Look virtually unused, but have been folded and there are slight marks of handling and storage - details on request.
These sheets are much more difficult to find than GSGS 4620 (below).
OFFERS around £150
GSGS 4620 New Pop. E&W c Nat Grid 1948/49
Sheets 64, 71, 75-78, 82-117, 119- 166, 169- 179, 184-190
More signs of use but basically clean and intact..
162 maps , OFFERS around £100

Updated 18 October 2016
Complete set of 190 x OS Seventh Series one-inch maps, military issue – M722 GSGS, with the usual military overprints. These are mostly in good to very good, clean condition and most appear not to have been used. However, some have wear in varying degrees and some have markings or stains of one kind of another or tears. I can provide photos of the issues if required. These are a minority, and although I haven't inspected every one individually the overall impression is good/very good.
Contact Jerry Stampfer at or call 01598 763531 to make an offer.

Updated 13 October 2016
The latest tranche of maps and books from the Ian O'Brien collection is now offered for sale. This tranche includes much rare and valuable material not previously listed, as well as huge numbers of books and maps.
Full details are in this document :
Bids must be received by 15 November via or on 01522 720692 or by letter. Please don't leave it till the last minute!

Updated 12 October 2016
WANTED: I would like to obtain the following maps:
Ordnance Survey 1:25000 provisional map TL09 Wansford, Edition C//
Ordnance Survey 1:25000 provisional map TL19 Peterborough SW Edition B///*
Phone number is 01603 437842 and email is
Phil Dawe

Updated 9 September 2016
I have for sale the following One-Inch Maps:-
Sheet 11 Major Roads 1970 THURSO, Sheet 14 Major Roads 1966 LAIRG, Sheet 15 Major Roads 1968 HELMSDALE. Sheet 16 Major Roads 1969 WICK,Sheet 22 Major Roads 1965 DORNOCH,Sheet 26 Major Roads 1972 LOCHCARRON,Sheet 27 Major Roads 1968 ,TRATHPEFFER,Sheet 28 Major Roads 1967 INVERNESS,Sheet 29 Major Roads 1962 ELGIN,Sheet 30 Major Roads 1963 BANFF,Sheet 31 Major Roads 1964 PETERHEAD,Sheet 34 ,ajor ,oads 1969 SOUTH SKYE & ARSAIG,Sheet 35 Major Roads 1966 LOCH ARKAIG,Sheet 36 Major ,oads 1961 FORT AUGUSTUS,Sheet 37 Major Roads 1961 KINGUSSIE,Sheet 38 Major Roads 1961 ,RANTOWN AND CAIRGORM,Sheet 39 Major Roads 1967 STRATHDON,Sheet 40 Major Roads ,961 ABERDEEN,Sheet 41 Major Roads 1960 BRAEMAR,Sheet 42 Major Roads 1962 BALLATER,Sheet 43 Major Roads 1963 STONEHAVEN,Sheet 46 Major Roads 1962 LOCH LINNIE,Sheet 47 Major Roads 1954 GLENCOE,Sheet 48 Major Roads 1962 LOCH TAY,Sheet 49 Major Roads 1965 BLAIRGLOWRIE,Sheet 50 Major Roads 1969 FORFAR,Sheet 52 Major Roads ,961 LOCH AWE,Sheet 53 Major Roads 1964 LOCH LOMAND,Sheet 54 Fully Revised 1954 ,TIRLING,Sheet 55 Major Roads 1969 PERTH & ALLOA,Sheet 56 Major Roads 1969 ST ANDREWS ,& KIRKCALDY.Sheet 58 Major Roads 1968 KNAPDALE,Sheet 59 Fully Revised 1963 FIRTH OF ,LYDE,Sheet 60 Major Roads 1968 GLASGOW,Sheet 61 Major Roads 1965 FALKIRK & LANARK
Sheet 62 Fully Revised 1963 EDINBURGH
They have had little use and were bought around 1970. Some are priced at 8/- and some around 40p.
£3 for each one including postage to UK. Available by email or by post Rob Jones, 103 Grove Road, Wallasey, CH45 3HG

Updated 9 September 2016
WANTED: Ordnance Survey One inch 7th Series Sheet No 5 (Orkney Islands, North) last version with the all red cover.
Please contact Mike Shepherd-Smith or 01296 630530 (office)

Updated 28 July 2016
For Sale : OS one-inch Popular edition c1920/30, a complete set (146) with Ellis Martin cover (red border) England & Wales in purpose-made glass fronted pine display cabinet. All maps in fair good or better condition - can send images to interested parties. Offers in excess of £500 to Stephen Hughes on 07585212618 or All queries answered.

Updated 30 June 2016
Tranche 5 of the O'Brien material has a particular focus on cartography of mountain ranges, with the Himalayas and the Swiss Alps being covered by a range of maps from 1820 to the present. There are also some rare OS publications - see the Cartographic Books section - and classic guide books to a variety of exotic places.
Full details are in this document :
Bids must be received by 25 July via or on 01522 720692 or by letter. Please don't leave it till the last minute!

Updated 15 June 2016
For Sale: OS 1" to 1 mile, whole of Yorkshire on 7 maps, dated 1820s to 1860s (some electrotypes), dissected onto canvas, marbled end covers (one slightly damaged), each map carrying punning bookplate of book collector C J Peacock. Part colouring. Prepared by Stanfords. Original box included. Very good condition. Rarer than hens' teeth. £750.
Contact John Ackerley on 01759 302727 or email:

Updated 10 June 2016
FOR SALE on behalf of the Oxfam bookshop in Chipping Norton
· OS Sheet 58 (Cromer), 1 inch, 3rd edn., published c. April 1912; folded, linen backed, good clean condition - £5.99
· Geographia Cyclists map, 50 miles around London, no date but original price 9d. On paper, good clean copy - £5.99
· Geographia Road Map of England and Wales, linen backed,, no date but original price 6d, - £5.99
· Bacon's 'Ever Ready' County Map of Derbyshire, 1 inch = 2 ¼ miles, with alphabetical index to principal towns and villages, no date but original prince 2/, mounted on linen, wear on cover, but otherwise clean copy - £5.99
· Bacon's County Map of Gloucester, with Alphabetical Index to Towns and Villages, on paper, no date but original price 6d, some writing on cover which is slightly worn, but otherwise a clean copy - £5.99
· OS Quarter inch maps, 4th edn.
Sheet 12 SE England and London, Military edition, first published 1935
Sheet 11 England South, Military edition, first published 1934
Both maps are rolled, mounted on linen (but not dissected).
Not pristine, but in good condition. £4.99 each + postage
· 1:50 000 OS maps, First series and Landranger series; also 1: 25 000 Explorer Map series. We have a large (and ever changing) selection of these covering many parts of the country -- all for sale at £1.99 each.
Get in touch if you are looking for any of these, and I'll let you know if we have it in stock. We're also happy to keep an eye out for specific maps, and contact you if any come in. All proceeds to Oxfam.
Contact Nina Morgan

Updated 30 March 2016
[now deleted]

Updated 29 March 2016
The latest tranche of maps and books from the Ian O'Brien collection is now offered for sale. This tranche includes much rare and valuable material not previously listed, as well as huge numbers of books and maps.
Full details are in this document :
Bids must be received by 25 April via or on 01522 720692 or by letter. Please don't leave it till the last minute!

Updated 18 March 2016

AUCTION SALE: Cartographics next sale on eBay will be in early April 2016, and an advance catalogue with images is on now line at Only a few OS maps, but a good selection of original maps and drawings of railway interest.

Updated 18 March 2016
FOR SALE : I have a collection of about 280 individual six-inch to the mile maps to sell. These are of Anglesey, Caernarvonshire, Merionethshire, Montgomeryshire, Denbighshire, Cardiganshire and a few of Cheshire and Shropshire by the Welsh Borders. These are from 1901 to 1953 editions. I have documented most of them and listed their quality and date. I have also removed any doubles.
Contact: Meic Watts

Updated 10 March 2016
FOR SALE : COMPLETE SET OF 1:50,000 Landranger maps, great majority of which are less than 5 years old and all in perfect condition.
Contact email: or call 0117 9506669

Updated 24 February 2016
[now deleted]

Updated 22 February 2016
In accordance with the wishes of the late Ian O'Brien, his executors donated his maps and specialist books to the Society. The collection was truly remarkable for its breadth and - in particular areas - its quality. The collection is being offered for sale to members and others in tranches. Two tranches have already been sold and the third is now being offered.
This tranche includes some rare and valuable material as well as huge numbers of books and maps.
Full details are in this document :
Bids must be received by 1 March via or on 01522 720692 or by letter. Please don't leave it till the last minute!

19 February 2016
FOR SALE : Approx 40 OS 1" linen-backed flat maps dating from 1926 to 1947 covering central and southern Scotland. Sheet number list can be emailed. In good condition considering age. £2 each + postage. Also approx 20 1970's 1:10,000 maps of various Scottish locations. £1 each + postage
Contact Wendy on 01463 731572 or email,

4 February 2016
FOR SALE: Special offer on the two essential books for collecting Ordnance Survey maps.
Roger Hellyer, Ordnance Survey small-scale maps : indexes 1801-1998 and John Paddy Browne, Map cover art.
Roger's book details over 1,000 different OS map series, civil, military and geological, with details on different formats, experimental maps, full lists of all tourist and district maps and much more.
Map cover art needs no introduction, with the 199 illustrations of map covers being essential for collectors.
Special offer : New copies are offered at £25 the pair, including postage (previously sold at £50).
Single items : Hellyer £18, Map cover art £12 including postage.
David Archer : The Pentre, Kerry, Newtown, SY16 4PD. 01686 670382.

22 January 2016
FOR SALE: I have more than 5,000 old OS (and other) maps always for sale either directly or through my eBay store, including more than 2,000 Pathfinders covering most of the country and more than 3,000 one-inch maps in various ages and editions.
Contact jerry on 02380 559516, email or visit my eBay store at

20 January 2016
FOR SALE on behalf of the Oxfam bookshop in Chipping Norton
OS Quarter inch maps, 4th edn.
Sheet 12 SE England and London, Military edition, first published 1935
Sheet 11 England South, Military edition, first published 1934
Both maps are rolled, mounted on linen (but not dissected).
Not pristine, but in good condition. £4.99 each + postage
Bartholomew Contour Motoring Map of the British Isles, dissected and mounted on linen, folded with red cover boards. Not sure of the date, but the original price was 10/-. In used condition. £4.99 + postage
1:50 000 OS maps, First series and Landranger series; also 1: 25 000 Explorer Map series. We have a large (and ever changing) selection of these covering many parts of the country -- all for sale at £1.99 each.
Get in touch if you are looking for any of these, and I'll let you know if we have it in stock. We're also happy to keep an eye out for specific maps, and contact you if any come in. All proceeds to Oxfam.
Contact Nina Morgan

17 January 2016
FOR SALE: Over 500 "as new" 1:25,000 Second series and Pathfinders.
Andrew Youngs, 07792753118,

12 January 2016
[now deleted]

24 December 2015
WANTED: Always looking for Large scale County series 1:2500 maps of anywhere in the Welsh counties of: Montgomeryshire, Merionethshire, Cardiganshire, Radnorshire, also possibly Carmarthenshire and Breckonshire. Even all heavily rural maps with few "urban features" are wanted, any condition, any date. I will buy any at the right price if I do not have them already. I dont have and therefore cannot pay a small fortune, but I will buy rural maps no one else wants.
Martin Loach

23 December 2015
FOR SALE: [items deleted]
Forbes Robertson

4 December 2015
WANTED: Ordnance Survey Quarter inch 5th Series North Midlands/ Yorkshire, No. 11 edition C//* and South East England, No.17 edition B/*
Contact Phil Dawe or 01603 437842

30 November 2015
SALE: Additional Material from O'Brien Collection. In view of the interest expressed in railway books and in the other guide books of an architectural nature, I have produced a listing of these categories.
Bids (in effect, sealed bids) are invited, to be received by by 13 December. As before, please state if willing to collect from Harmston: shipping costs will be taken into account in assessing the net value of bids.

29 November 2015

21 November 2015
SALE: In accordance with the wishes of the late Ian O'Brien, his executors have donated his maps and specialist books to the Society. The collection was truly remarkable for its breadth and - in particular areas - its quality. The material is in the process of being sorted to separate those items that ought to be housed permanently at Cambridge from those that would duplicate material already at Cambridge; this latter category is being sold for the benefit of the Society.
Because of time constraints, the first tranche of material was offered to dealers only. The second tranche has been listed in a more detailed manner and broken into more manageable lots; this is being offered to members as well as to dealers.
The list of lots is at
Bids must be received by 12 Dec via or on 01522 720692 or by letter.

21 November 2015
Wanted: I want OS map 1:25000 First series Sheet 36, Boroughbridge, Edition C// .
contact Phil Dawe on 01603437842 or email

14 November 2015
Wanted: OS Geography examination map extracts.
Paul Swindell

13 November 2015
FOR SALE on behalf of the Oxfam bookshop in Chipping Norton
* Geographia cyclists map, 50 miles round London (no date, but the original price was 9d) Very good condition. Offers in the region of £12
* Sheets 61 (Wolverhampton) and 62 (Burton and Walsall) Sorry, Sold
* 1:50 000 OS maps, First series and Landranger series; also 1: 25 000 Explorer Map series.
We have a large (and ever changing) selection of these covering many parts of the country -- all for sale at £1.99 each. Get in touch if you are looking for any of these, and I'll let you know if we have it in stock. We're also happy to keep an eye out for specific maps, and contact you if any come in. All proceeds to Oxfam.
Contact Nina Morgan

12 November 2015
FOR SALE: I have 500 A0 OS maps showing Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. They are variously dated from 1896 upto 1949 with some second editions. Some are heavy paper and some are backed on cloth. Some are black and white and some are in colour. We also have three specialist storage cabinets that go with these things.
My contact details for further information are Greg Economides 07760168959

7 November 2015
OFFERED: Maps For Empire. The First 2,000 Numbered War Office Maps, A Crispin Hewitt, British Library, 1992
For 'sale' for the cost of me sending it to you (it is a fairly meaty tome!).
Contact Jon Risby

4 November 2015

2 November 2015
Property of a deceased member. Recipient to arrange collection from Epsom in mid-November. Exact date/time would need to be agreed.
Contact Hon Sec for more details.

31 October 2015
OFFERED: I have in my possession a copy of the Ordnance Survey Description of their Scales, Characteristics etc which is dated September 1902 and was clearly a working copy from a County Surveyors Office at the time.
Keith Cuff

18 October 2015
WANTED: 20-inches to 1 mile "Regents Park and Primrose Hill" 1961. In cover H104 (Green check)
1:1,000,000 International Local Aeronautical Maps:
NN-31 Amsterdam 1936, NM-30 London 1939, NN-30 Edinburgh 1939, in cover H 19.2 (Green Octagon)
1-inch Popular Special Sheet "NorfolkBroads" 1932on Place's Waterproof Paper. In cover H 24.3
1-inch Scotland Third edition in colour, folded into any cover, sheeets:-
11 Langholm, Langholm and Newcastleton 1905, 12 Campbeltown 1906, 18 Morebattle 1905
Peter S. Gibson

13 October 2015
WANTED: [item deleted]

FOR SALE - OS MAP COLLECTION: I am in the process of selling my OS map collection as my intention is to move permanently to Spain but in doing so, unfortunately will no longer have the room for display/storage.
My collection is pretty comprehensive and includes a wide range of large scale, county series maps some 1st edition originals from 1860 onward, original field re-survey 1:1250 docs on Permatrace of Berwick upon Tweed, almost a full set of original survey of Isle of Man @1860's with reduced set to 1:2500 field intelligence sheets and deletions model. I also have some BJ plates 1:1250 re-survey originals.
Together with an assortment of various one inch maps, flat and folded, 1:25000 maps there are aerial photographs, contact prints and 2500 field copies, a Casella SV2 stereoscopic viewer, brass mushroom bolts (4) for trig stations and primary/secondary levelling BMs, other survey instruments e.g. plane table and brass alidade. I also have copies of the “biscuit book “and “Red Book” the field surveyors bibles on Trig, Traversing, levelling and map spec.
I believe parts of this collection would be of real interest to some of your members, especially the original “Air Photos” “Field Survey Docs” and “BJ plates” as they are unique. A full list is posted at
Tony Markendale

12 October 2015
FOR SALE: A full set of Bartholomew's Reduced Survey maps of England and Scotland.
They are on linen, dissected and folded and are dated between 1911 and 1914.
Chris Packham

WANTED: Post war OS GSGS UK military training area maps.
Paul Swindell -

FOR SALE: [now deleted].
Forbes Robertson