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This section is for images of index diagrams that are unusual in themselves. It is not intended for use as an index to this part of the website.

Numbers 40 to 44 seem to come from the folios that held reference copies of the GSGS series in the latter years of WW2. An example of such a folio is seen here. GSGS 3907 and 3908 were both split between multiple folios, and the indexes just show the maps of their particular folio. Perhaps their most interesting feature is that they give the folio numbers for adjoining areas, not just in Great Britain but also in Ireland and on the continent. And for reference, the note at the base of the indexes has been enlarged for easier reading, and can be seen here.

These specimens below are held by International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln. They come from a collection which looks as though it consists of a copy of each sheet held by a squadron map store when the squadron was being disbanded at the end of the war. Little more is known about the provenance: the collection was found in a loft during a move of house, please see below.

1. Northern Scotland, GSGS3908

2. Southern Scotland, GSGS3908

3. The Midlands, GSGS3907

4. Southern Britain, GSGS3907