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Zoom Meetings

An Introduction to Zoom Meetings, and how to join in
All that is needed is a laptop, desktop computer or smartphone and an internet connection; the Zoom software is automatically loaded for free if not already installed. This is an ideal way to stay in contact and share your interests in these unusual times, when normal meetings and visits are suspended.

To join in, simply contact the Chairperson of the meeting beforehand, and he/she will supply the Zoom link with meeting ID and a password for a computer or phone numbers for a smartphone to use to join. Details of the next Zoom meeting will appear here.

Zoom Meeting #5, 27 October 2020. 'LAKES & RESEVOIRS' has been scheduled.
If you've been feeling a little at sea, or perhaps stuck in a backwater, after the last CCS Zoom meeting sailed into the sunset, fear not. We've put our heads above the water again and fittingly have moved downstream to lakes (and reservoirs) as this month's theme.

We'll be holding a virtual meeting by Zoom at 8pm on Tuesday 27th October. So feel free to moor alongside other members, and look at a selection of maps they (or you) have brought along. If you would like to show and talk about any maps, please send over images (JPG, PNG or BMP preferred, but we can cope with most formats) to Ian Byrne no later than 24th October. Maps can be of anywhere and don't need to be from OS, but we would like them to have some connection with a lake or reservoir.

Zoom Meeting #4, 18 August 2020. 'CANALS & RIVERS'

  • Chairperson: Ian Byrne
  • Presenters: Ian Byrne, Chris Dean, Jeremy Harrison, John King, Michiel Rademakers & Gerry Zierler
  • 32 members attended
  • View recording, streaming length: 1hr 48m

The fourth CCS evening Zoom meeting (part of the now snappily called the 'Indoor Leisure' series!) took as its theme "Canals & Rivers". Again hosted by Ian Byrne, we gained a new record of 32 Members to the meeting, with 6 main presenters showing a broad range of maps and charts of various ages, styles and purposes. Please take a look at the recording from the link above.

Zoom Meeting #3, 21 July 2020. 'TRANSPORT INTERCHANGES'

  • Chairperson: Ian Byrne
  • Presenters: Ian Byrne, John Davies, John Harmer, John King, Michiel Rademakers, Dave Watt & Gerry Zierler
  • 22 members attended
  • View recording, streaming length: 1hr 17m

The third CCS Tuesday evening Zoom meeting took as its theme "Transport Interchanges", although it's not surprising that railways gained more coverage than other forms of transport. For rail, we were taken on a virtual tour along some lines converted to cycle routes (and one cycle route that had a quite different origin), stopping off at stations in Polegate and - on a waistcoat - Newcastle. At a more urban level, we were shown what may be Britain's very first tramway map in South London, as well as looking at the varying ways that London Underground interchanges were shown before Beck reigned supreme. Still in the capital, we also saw how the growth of London Airport in the 50s and 60s required regular updates of even the cheapest of maps. And finally we were whisked across the Atlantic to look at all the rail termini on the West Bank of the Hudson Rover, disgorging their passengers onto ferries to reach New York.

Zoom Meeting #2, 16 June 2020. 'A BRITISH ISLAND'

  • Chairperson: Ian Byrne
  • Presenters: Ian Byrne, John Davies, Tim Johnson, John King & Gerry Zierler

This second meeting was another great opportunity to interact with other members, either as a active participant (showing and talking about one of your maps), or as a passive observer. The numbers are limited for practical reasons and preference will be given to those who have not previously taken part in such a session.

Zoom Meeting #1, 19 May 2020. 'MAPS LOCAL TO MEMBERS'

  • Chairperson: Ian Byrne
  • Presenters: Ian Byrne, Graham Collett, John Davies, David Fairbairn, Jim Good, Paul Hardy & Gerry Zierler
  • 9 members attended

Nine members joined in the first Zoom meeting to show and talk about maps of their local area. Most participants were already familiar with Zoom, being used for family and business purposes, and the meeting proceeded smoothly and was judged a success. Onto the next one....