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Publications Objectives To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas amongst members of the Society and others through the publication of:

  • Sheetlines – the Charles Close Society (CCS) periodical / journal,
  • the annual CCS Almanack,
  • books and booklets,
  • facsimile reprints of selected maps, ephemera and other documents
  • appropriate material on the CCS website
  • the history and development of the Ordnance Surveys and related organisations to the present day,
  • Ordnance Survey maps / plans and associated cartography / geodesy – all scales, all editions.

The above objectives will be implemented through publication of conventional paper based products and where appropriate digitally based electronic media

. Sheetlines / Almanack The CCS will continue to:

  • publish Sheetlines three times each year and an annual supplement (the Almanack),
  • explore relevant printing and associated developments to ‘improve’ continually the quality of Sheetlines,
  • encourage the submission of relevant articles and papers for publication in Sheetlines.

Finance The CCS will:

  • continue to finance the publication of Sheetlines and the maintenance of the website through the Society’s general funds,
  • continue to finance the publication of monographs and other material though the Society’s publications funds,
  • offer discounts to CCS members on selected CCS publications,
  • offer trade discounts,
  • maintain a separate Publications Fund with a sufficient balance to allow the costs of two substantial and three ‘booklet’ publications to be met at any one time.

Publications Planning The Publications Sub-Committee (PSC) can have no control over the availability of texts for publication, as the supply of both ‘long and short’ texts will always remain the province of the unpaid authors. However, within the constraints of available texts, the PSC will maintain a ‘rolling’ long-term publications plan. Within this plan and subject to available funding and other resources, the PSC will endeavour normally to publish one work each year, whilst continuing to take advantage of any relevant ‘short term’ publications opportunities that may arise. 

Authors The CCS will continue to encourage authors to submit appropriate / relevant manuscripts for possible publication in line with the following ‘author’ policy:

  • authors retain the copyright of their work,
  • authors receive no fees,
  • authors receive expenses which the PSC has previously agreed may be incurred, recognising that it is not always possible to determine exact amounts in advance,
  • authors receive six “free” copies of any work published. Authors may receive additional “free” copies at the discretion of the PSC.
  • authors receive ‘trade discount’ terms for all copies beyond their agreed ‘free’ allocation,
  • the CCS reserves the right to require editorial modifications to ensure that the CCS publishes nothing that might render the CCS, the author or individuals members open to possible legal action.

The PSC will also from time to time seek ‘authors’ for publications identified as being of potential interest to both members and the general public. 

General The CCS PSC will continue to:

  • review production technology and recommend changes when appropriate to ensure that CCS publications remain at a high standard,
  • review publications distribution and sales outlets and recommend ‘changes’ as necessary,
  • supply copies of all Society publications to the Copyright Libraries.
  • joint publications with both individuals and other publishers,
  • publications relating to non-Ordnance Survey cartographic topics.