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These diagrams have been prepared by Chris Higley, based on the work of the late Brian Adams, David Archer, Roger Hellyer, the late Tim Nicholson, Richard Oliver and others. They are designed to be printed on A4 paper and may be copied freely for use in map libraries, or for private study or research.

 Sheet line diagrams for other series, and more information about the various styles of sheet published, will be found in Roger Hellyer, Ordnance Survey small-scale maps, indexes: 1801-1998, Kerry: David Archer, 1999, ISBN 0 9517579 54. 

General Resources

  • Firstly, there's 'Sheetfinder' to identfy the Ordnance Survey sheets covering any specified locality.
  • Then you can download a KML file for use with Google Earth to create sheet boundary diagrams for OS small scale mapping. 

Ordnance Survey County Origins

1:2500 (Twenty five inches to the mile) & 1:10,560 (Six inches to the mile)


1:25,000 (Two and half inches to the mile) 

First series

1:63,360 (One inch to the mile) and 1:50,000

England & Wales


Great Britain


1:126,720 (Half inch to the mile)

1:253,440 (Quarter inch to the mile) and 1:250,000 

England and Wales


 Great Britian


1:633,600 (Ten miles to the inch)