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Online Resources

A General List

A brief history of British Geological Survey (BGS) is available on their website

Information about UK Hydrographic Office and their archives can be found on their website.

National Mapping Agencies
Links to national mapping agencies in other countries here

Modern OS Maps
Modern OS Landranger and Street mapping on CCS website
Landranger and aerial views on Where's the Path
Irish On-line Mapping and Aerial Photography

Historic OS Maps
Old Series one-inch map of England & Wales
One-inch New Popular Edition of England and Wales at CCS Sheetfinder
One-inch 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition Scotland and Scottish Popular at CCS Sheetfinder
One-inch Seventh Series of UK at CCS Sheetfinder
1:25,000 Provisional edition of UK at CCS Sheetfinder
Scotland - all series and scales at National Library of Scotland (NLS)
New Popular Edition of England and Wales and Scottish Popular at NPE site
1:25,000 of Great Britain 1937-1961 (NLS)
1:10,560 (six-inch to the mile) of England & Wales 1842-1952 (NLS)
Ten-mile to inch Planning maps of Britain 1944-1960 (NLS)
Seventh Series One-inch maps of Britain 1952-1961 (NLS)

Other Maps - British Isles
Old Series one inch geological solid and drift maps for England and Wales by the British Geological Society (BGS)
Open Street Map - Open source map of UK
SABRE - includes historic OS and Bartholomew maps
TfL London bus, tube, rail and river maps
Traveline Public transport maps of all UK and NI - includes OS Explorer 1:25,000 mapping
MAGIC map – Multi Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside
Vision of Britain - maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions