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The name Ordnance Survey applies loosely to various organisations responsible for mapping parts of the British Isles. The sections under this heading deal with:

Great Britain

Isle of Man  Isle of Man Survey produces large scale mapping of Isle of Man (but 1:50,000 and smaller is by OSGB). See the report of the Society visit to Isle of Man Survey in April 2008 here. 

Channel Islands In the Channel Islands, the surveying and production of mapping is undertaken under licence by Digimap Ltd. See the report of the Society visit to Digimap in Guernsey in July 2009 here. View Guernsey mapping on-line. 

There is also a section which details the catalogues produced by the Ordnance Survey in the Bibliographies of Catalogues.

 This is divided into: Annual Reports, Catalogues, Supplements and Descriptions.