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Facsimile copies of back issues of Sheetlines can be found below. 

A word of warning to anyone using these articles for research! Please be sure to check the Index for any later references as subsequent articles may contain corrections or additional information. It is often the case that early research is published in Sheetlines as work-in-progress, to be amended and added to later. Several early editions went out of print and were later re-issued as part of combined editions with minor corrections etc. We have used the re-issued versions here. These retain the original pagination top centre to facilitate bibliographic citation, together with continuous page numbering in the outer corners. 

We regret that illustrations are missing from copies marked [*]. It is hoped to be able to rectify this deficiency at some point. 

Numbers 1-6 Combined edition includes:

Numbers 7-10 Combined editon includes: 

Numbers 11-14 Combined editon includes: 

Numbers 28-30 Combined editon includes no 28 September 1990, no 29 January 1991, no 30 April 1991

Back numbers are added to the archive 12 months after publication