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Reference numbers in square brackets and artists' initials are explained here


 List in the back of the KEW-ILLUSTRATED GUIDE.1935 & 1936. Note Key Plan --- De luxe edition 2s.9d. Refering to the only known map advertised in covers not so far recorded. (see introduction) 

201 Crown and garter. Unused design for 1:500,000 aviation Map of Great Britain, 1937. Under consideration as the new Ordnance Survey trade mark (PRO OS 1/456)

[Awaiting images]

202 Crown and chamfered panel. Unused experimental standard cover design, 1937 (PRO OS 1/460) 

  • [a] Detail design


  • [b] With minor alterations for Fifth (and Sixth?) Edition covers.


  • [c] With minor alterations for a District/Tourist cover.


203 Alternative design for Aviation maps.


 204 Proposal for 1;25,000 cover. 

118x200mm Benderfold 


205 Design for Seventh series incorporating new arms for GviR



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