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  • 290 Boxed Sets.

[a] 230x200x58mm. Two compartment dark navy blue box containing set of E&W dissected maps in 13.1,a covers latest map dated 1925. 

[b] 211x190x48mm. Wrap around box. First arms of GvR.Set of twelve adhesive 13.1,a. E&W 1/4" maps. 

[c] 230x195x46mm. Wrap around box. Third arms of GvR (post 1924).Set as [b] but bigger box could hold hinged maps. 

[d] No details known. Other areas of E&W,Scotland? 

[e] Detail uncertain but with two compartments, about 280x205x100mm deep. Contents in 14.1 covers for E&W all first printings of 1923. 

[f] 213x185mm. The latest datecode of the maps in the box is for Sheet 1. 7000.25. 

[g] 364x286x16mm. Containing 1:2500 extracts "as available in 1952" of "Balmoral Castle", "Buckingham Palace", "Sandringham House" and"Windsor Castle" 2002.


291 Envelopes

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