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The first Ordnance Survey covers were cloth-coated, and were intended almost entirely for general purposes. The remnant of this tradition survived until 1959 on Isles of Scilly, 1933. Such covers were issued on maps at scales from 25 inches to the mile to 25 miles to the inch. Many of these would have been issued in thin paper envelopes, some with Fisher Unwin's imprint. In Nos 1-3 below, “short” implies dimensions of approximately 100 x 160 mm, “tall” 95 x 180 mm

Reference numbers in square brackets and artists' initials are explained here

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1 Textured red cloth 1.1. Title label, book-fold For use on colour-printed maps, 1897. Tall and short formats recorded
[a] Open book 217x160mm 1900 NSRC sheets 347-353 combined
[b] Open Book 198x183mm 1898 NSRC sheet241 Also recorded on NSRO district maps with coloured main roads BRADFORD 1899,LEEDS 1899.
[c] Open book 185x173mm. 1899. 1/4 ". Kent.

1.2. Gold printing, adhesive Recorded only on engraved one-inch maps
[a] 106x155mm epd June 1900 NSRO sheet 109 "ONE INCH TO A MILE"=52mm.
[b] 107x158mm epd May 1900 NSRO sheet 84 "ONE INCH TO A MILE"=49mm

2 Central title panel, cloth, adhesive For use on engraved one-inch maps. With sheet name. Narrower covers also have adhesive series numbers: the maps in these are trimmed to the neatlines 2.1. Red
[a] 94x154mm (Railways inserted to 1902) NSRO
[b] 108x155mm 1898 NSRO sheet 52
[c] 125x185mm 7.05 Four NSRC sheets mounted as one
[d] 86x176mm 1903 Outline with Blue water

2.2 White
[a] 104x179mm 8.05 NSRC
[b] 110x179mm 1905 Third Edition Outline with Contours

3 Title panel spanning cover Sheet name or series number titles used. Serif and sans serif lettering. Some covers (?printed in Dublin) have distinctive colours and arms 3.1. Short oblong 3.1.a. Red book-fold General purposes, c.1900 [a] Open book 210x157mm Reprint 500/1902. Arms of Queen Victoria.
[b] Open-book 206x153mm 1903 The same bright finely woven cloth is commonly used on other H-03-1a covers, but this is the only 6" sheet recorded in this style? Arms of EviiR.
[c] Open book 210x163mm 1904 Third SSSC .Note coarser woven cloth and darker red colour.

3.1.b. Red slip case Recorded only on half-inch Manoeuvre Maps, 1903 [a] 100x173x10mm 1903 Four 1/2"SSS sheets headed SOUTH OF ENGLAND MANOEUVRE MAP
(NORTH)PART OF SHEETS 61,62.70,71.
(WEST) ditto 70,71,78,79,86,87.
(EAST) ditto 71,72,79,80.
(SOUTH) ditto 78,79,80,86,87,88,95,96,97.
Unpriced slipcase presumably for military purposes.
[b] Same but with PRICE for public sale

3.1.c Red cloth-hinged ?General purposes, c.1903; recorded mainly on Half-inch maps [a] 88x169mm 1901 Arms of VR. 1/4" County, First Ed with coloured main roads
[b] 85x170mm. 5.04. 1/4" County (Beds, Cambs etc).
[c] 95x163mm 1903 NSRO with colored main roads.
[d] 96x160mm Railways inserted to 1903. Arms of EviiR. 1/2"SSS

3.1.d Book-fold, blue card Royal Parks: Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens [Twelve-inch map],1906 107x177mm

3.2 Tall oblong Some marked “W.D.” for “War Department”, or “P.S.: for “Public Service” 3.2.a.1. Red hinged General purposes, 1904
[a] 95x183mm 3rd.SSSC 1905
[b] Envelope 104x185mm flap missing.
[c] 95x183mm 1905 SSS.
[d] 95x183mm 1906 Third SSSC.

[e] 95x183mm 2.05 First.HS. cf identical map in H-03-2b1.
[f] 95x183mm 1.06 1/4" Scotland
[g] Envelope 104x185mm+ flap
[h] 94x183mm 1905. Ireland.

3.2.a.2 Red book-fold General purposes
Open book192x183mm 1899 NSRC

3.2.b.1 White hinged [1] General purposes, 1906-c.1918. A 1:100,000 map of Metz, 1907 is recorded!
[a] 95x183mm 12.06 NSRC. Note title with Serif typeface and (NET) under PRICE.
[b] The flattened envelope 115x190+40[flap]mm 12.08 For Ireland First coloured H-3-2b1. Note (NET) under PRICE
[c] The flattened envelope 115x190+?(flap missing)mm
[d] Map 95x183mm 1906 HS solid green woods.

[f] 95X183mm 5.06 Third SSSC Note PS for Public Service
[g] 95x183mm 1907 Third LSS. Note WD arrow and (NET).

[h] 95x183mm 2.05 First.HS. Note (NET) cf identical map in H-03-2a1.
[i] 94x183mm 10.06. Scotland.
[j] 94x183mm 4.07. Ireland.

[k] 95x185mm 1906 "SHEETS" in large print.
[l] 97x183mm 7.08 "SHEET" in small print.
[m] 96x183mm 3.14. First arms of GvR.
[n] 94x183mm 1923

3.2.b.1 Overseas
[a] No details known
[b] 104x183mm G.S.G.S.No.2459 OSO,Southampton,1913.

3.2.b.2 Location map added England & Wales half-inch Manoeuvre Map, 1909/1910/1911/1912 [a] 96x183mm 1909 L.GTS.
[b] 100x183mm 1911 L.Black Trees.
[c] 100x182mm. The 1911 manoeuvres were postponed until 1912, most 1911 maps have a label inside "For--1911 read--1912". Note this is a sales copy with "PRICE---(NET)." beneath "SCALE--".

3.2.b.3 White book-fold General purposes
[a] Open book 190x183mm 1900 NSRC.
[b] Open book 193x183mm 1902. (NET). Extra text at bottom of Rules for Ordering.

3.2.b.4 White adhesive [1] General purposes: originally for dissected maps. Dimensions variable [a] 105x180mm (November 1907) Third SSO. Dissected. Note (NET).
[b] 109x175mm 1909 Third Edition Outline Dissected. Note (NET).
[c] 97x180mm 1912 Cloth.

[d] 103x181mm (1910-1914) L.Black Trees. Emarginate, centered on Aldershot.
[e] 104x165mm

[f] 96x180mm 1918 HS. A Layered copy of this sheet without the(LAYERS)overprint(see[c]above) noted with "PRICE THREE SHILLINGS(NET)"
[g] 92x183mm 8.07. The paper map is mounted on a cloth "TRENCH MAP" 51c.SE2. The covers printed on the backs of other obsolete maps.
[h] 103x178mm 2.07.

[i] 112x186mm 1902.
[j] No details known
[k] 110x180mm April 1912.Dissected 3rd.Outline

[l] 118x156mm Emarginate but Edition of 1910.

3.2.c Direct printed covers For military use [2]
[a] 95x180mm. Arms of EviiR
[b] 95x176mm Further revisions by W.D. 1914. Third Edition (Coloured). Note first arms of GvR (1910).

3.2.d Irish coloured adhesive
[a] 95x179mm 7.21
[b] 96x185mm Adhesive 1918

4 Location map, white For use on small-scale series/district coloured/outline maps, 1910

4.1 Hinged General purposes
[a] 97x183mm 1.12. Third LSS. Untitled map,actually Sheet 42 of the LSS. Also recorded with cover title Colwyn Bay District.[b]
[b] 97x183mm 1.12. (See [a])
[c] 8.11 Third LSS Paper
[d] 6.12 Third Ed. Coloured. Also recorded with first arms of GvR.
[e] 97x183mm 12.12 Third Ed. Coloured. Note first arms of GvR.
[f] The flattened envelope 125x190+? (flap missing) mm 1908 Third LSS Note T FISHER UNWIN.

[g] 97x183mm 1911
[h] 122x194mm 1913. Similar oversized covers are used on ORKNEY(NORTH)and the two SHETLAND sheets one of which dissected 128x200mm.

4.2 Adhesive General purposes: originally for dissected maps. Dimensions variable
[a] 108x179mm 10.12 Third LSS Dissected. Original price TWO SHILLINGS & SIXPENCE.

4.3 Direct printed covers For military use [2]
[a] 97x182mm 1914 Popular with Layers Hachures and Contours.
[b] 96x177mm 10.10 Third LSS
[c] 110x176mm 5.12 Third LSS Note "ENGLAND" usually & WALES.

[d] 96x179mm 11,1912. Only recorded H-4-3 paper map?
[e] 137x200mm 6.12 Third LSS. The map folded 6x3 panels instead of the usual 8x3. ([b] above)

5 Series number or sheet name Direct printed covers, or via a label [2]. For military use at home and abroad
[a] 96x178mm 6.07 Third Outline with coloured main roads.
[b] Map folded to 97x192mm,label 93x72mm 1913 Third.
[c] 100x178mm September 1914 Second LSS Paper map,also recorded on cloth 1915 with title 1/4" ENGLAND. SHEET 1.
[d] 97x177mm. 1.14. Great Britain.

[e] 100x178mm. 11.06. Ireland.
[f] 87x178mm. 10.06. Scotland.
[g] 135x196mm Late use of the style definitely not for military purposes.

[h]136x332mm 1904
[i]182x355mm 3000/10/43 C.
[j] No details known.(see 7.1.a.[b])

5 Overseas
[a]99x186mm GSGS 2517. 1912 1:380,160
[b] 116x183mm GSGS.3026 OSO.1915
[c] 85x144mm GSGS.2740 October 1917
[d] 112x158mm GSGS.3952 November 1917 (CAMBRAI)

6 Index diagram Direct printed covers, or via a label [2]. For military use at home and abroad
[a] 106x178mm 1916 Second Edition.
[b] 124x185mm 1915 G.S.G.S. 3036.
[c] 88x178mm 1911 Third.

[d] 100x179mm 1.13. HS.GTS
[e] 100x165mm 8.14 Second Edition
[f] 95x182mm 1914. Outline with blue water and brown contours. Paper.

[g] 88x177mm. 1913.
[h] 95x178mm. 1912.

[i] 97x165mm 1918 Third Edition Coloured. Note price in red.
[j] 98x177mm 1912.
[k] 98x183mm 1914.
[l] 101x175mm 1914.

[m] 98x177mm 1916.
[n] 95x152mm 1914. Serif title, map folded 8x4.

6 Overseas
[a] 99x167mm GSGS.2634 WO,1911.
[b] 111x177mm GSGS.2526 OS,1911.
[c] 106x178mm GSGS.2364 WO,1912.
[d] 111x163mm GSGS.2742 MV.1914.

[e] 110x169mm GSGS.2364 "PROVISIONAL EDITION" MV,1914.
[f] 101x177mm GSGS.2738 OSO,1914.
[g] 100x160mm GSGS.2738 OSO,1914.
[h] 107x177mm GSGS.3110 OSO.1915.

[i] 111x169mm GSGS.2743 OSO,1915
[j] 106x178mm GSGS.2364 OSO.1915.(MV.1915 see [e] above)
[k] 111x171mm GSGS.2743 OSO,1915.
[l] 108x169mm GSGS.2733 WO.Feb.1915.Revised Edition.

[m] 112x170mm GSGS.2742 EDITION 3. OS, 1916.
[n] 108x177mm GSGS.2364 2nd.EDITION WO April 1916.
[o] 112x168mm GSGS.2742 "TRENCHES CORRECTED TO 15-8-16." OS, 1916.
[p] 112x160mm GSGS.2743 OS,May 1917.

[q] 111x162mm GSGS.2742 "TRENCHES CORRECTED TO 4-3-17." OS, April 1917.
[r] 111x159mm GSGS.2742 "TRENCHES CORRECTED TO 8-3-17." OS, March 1917.
[s] 109x180mm GSGS.2321 "Printed by the Survey of Egypt, under Authority from the War Office. 22nd Jan.1917"
[t] 116x168mm GSGS.3062 "TRENCHES CORRECTED TO 7-2-17." OS, February 1917.

7 "Ordnance Survey" redrawn Mostly on adhesive covers: post-1924 issues use the “Official” Royal Arms

7.1.a. Location map, white cloth For use on small-scale series/district coloured/outline maps, c.1918
[a] 107x178mm Adhesive/Dissected 12.13 Third LSS. (BOE).
[b] 93x182mm Hinged 1913 Third Coloured "Prepared specially for Eton College Officers Training Corps"
[c] 96x177mm Adhesive 1914 Second.
[d] 95x177mm Adhesive 1911 Third Outline with coloured main roads.

7.1.b. Title panel, white cloth [1] General purposes, c.1918. A surprisingly late example of it is recorded on South Central [Quarter-inch District Map], 1924
[a] 97x172mm Adhesive 1903. Third edition
[b] 95x177mm Adhesive (Cloth map,faint title panel lines 36mm apart) 1907 Third Outline with coloured main roads. Also noted wih Paper map PRICE ONE SHILLING & SIXPENCE (NET).faint panel lines 43mm apart.
[c] 107x178mm Adhesive/Dissected 8.14. 2ND. EDITION 1912
[d] 98x186mm Adhesive (faint panel lines 47mm apart) 3.14. Coloured. Also noted SHEET 7.8 (combined) 94x177mm, faints at 38mm Adhesive 5.09. & SHEET 11 97x183mm faints at 41mm Hinged. 1-14.

[e] 112x180mm Adhesive (Cloth map) 1924 Third coloured with layers. (Used for training in the Staff College [Hellyer"Small Scale Maps"-1999])
[f] Marbled ends 148x242mm(original OS cover?)99x136mm Reprint 50/1901.
[g] 104x178mm Adhesive 50/08.

7.2.a. Location map, buff card Mostly recorded on one-inch outline District Maps with sienna roads, c.1921 [17]
[a] 97x177mm Adhesive (Cloth map) 7.21. Third Outline with coloured main roads. Note first arms of GvR (1910).
[b] 97x179mm (Paper map) 7.21. Third Outline with coloured main roads. Note second (1920?) GvR arms also used by Arthur Palmer on H.14,34,45 & 64. Also compare with other H.7.2a TORQUAY and 2b's HITCHIN and TAUNTON.
[c] 99x177mm Adhesive 9-20. NSRO with coloured main roads. Note GvR (1924) official arms.

7.2.b.1 Title panel, buff card [1] For maps lacking individually styled covers, c.1921. Special maps include: Taunton [One-inch Popular Edition sheets 120/129 conjoined], c.1924, Royal Parks (Richmond Park) [Ten-inch map], 1926
[a] 109x189mm Adhesive EDITION OF 1919
[b] 109x187mm Adhesive 1914 Third HS Comprising Sheet 10 and the lower 1/3rd of Sheet 7.
[c] 98x176mm Adhesive 1926

[d] 107x179mm Adhesive/Dissected Railways inserted to October 1910. Third SSSO
[e] 107x179mm Adhesive/Dissected Minor corrections October 1912. Third SSSO
[f][g] Both 96x176mm Both 1-21. Popular. (See also 8.2)

[h] 95x177mm 5000/27. (See 7.2b3)
[i] 107x180mm 500/29. Note no price statement!

7.2.b.2 Large landscape format Six-inch sheets
[a] 277x200mm Adhesive Reprint 50/25. "EDITION OF 1912 LANCASHIRE.SHEET LXXX.N.W."

7.2.b.3 Large portrait format.
125x225mm Adhesive 1919. (See also 7.2b1 [h]).

8 "Official" Royal Arms Used on official publications from 1924. Enlarged, it was the feature on: 8.1 Single lineation on buff 8.1.a. Black arms and red 8.1.a.1 With location map One-inch England & Wales Popular Edition District/Tourist Maps, c.1927 [17] One-inch England & Wales/?Scotland Third Edition District Maps, c.1927 [17]
[a] 99x176mm Adhesive 6000/30. "SPECIAL SHEET POPULAR EDITION" Note G enclosing v on arms.
[b] 115x190mm Hinged 2500/32. Note the G enclosing v has been changed to E on the Arms. The 2000/25 printing has G enclosing v and is "Price:Four Shillings Net".
[c] 107x189mm Hinged "EDITION OF 1921" The G not enclosing v. Presumably a late mounting of the map during the reign of George VI. (The only recorded use of H.8.1a1 on a Scotland third edition map?)

8.1.a.2 No location map. See No 24 [8]
[a] 110x192mm Hinged 3500/31. "SPECIAL SHEET POPULAR EDITION" Also recorded in the standard H.8.1a1 cover.
[b] 111x196mm Hinged 10,000/34. "Special District(RELIEF)Map." No v in G on arms. The same map is recorded with the v, another copy with the v and Net after the price.
[c] 104x192mm Hinged 8,000/30. "PARTS OF SHEETS 30.36." (Popular) Also recorded in the standard H.8.1a1 cover.

[d] 109x192mm Hinged 4000/29. "TOURIST MAP" (Popular coloured with layers) The cover is subtly different to the others in this group with the addition of the short waved line under the title. The 9500/31. printing has standard H.8.1a1 cover.
[e] 103x191mm Hinged 4000/32. "Special District(RELIEF)Map." Also recorded without v in G and Net after price.
[f] Folded 119x199mm Bendefold 30/37 M.37 R.36 "Special District(RELIEF)Map." No v in G. Now clearly a map printed during the reign of George VI. Also seen with "Price Three Shillings" This printing of the map is also recorded with hinged cover without v or Net.

8.1.a.3 Black and Black
93x171mm Adhesive 250/29. An outline printing of the 1920 Wirral Footpaths map with a blank paper cover over the footpath details and a PHILIP etc.label covering the Published by Wirral Footpaths section.

8.1.b. Red arms and black Isles of Scilly [Two-inch Special District (Relief) Map], 1933 [7]
[a] 111x192mm Hinged 10000/33. "Special District(RELIEF)Map." The 20/37 printing drops v in G and Net after Price.
[b] Folded 116x195mm Benderfold 3261 "Special District(RELIEF)Map." No v in G but Net after Price.
[c] Folded 116x195mm Cloth Benderfold 3261 "Special District(RELIEF)Map." Not an H.8 it bears the arms of George VI but illustrated here because the design is otherwise identical.Also recorded on paper maps 3/6 Net and 4/- Net

8.1.c Black on Buff Single lineation
[a] 481x479mm 1924. 22 pages of maps printed on transparent paper + 4 coloured underlays in rear pocket. See also 8.3b4.[b]
[b] 131x178mm Adhesive "Revised to 1-4-49" Administrative/Parliamentary boundaries in colour on brown outline map OS 1938
[c] 200x302mm Adhesive (1947) Emarginate Dissected. With manuscript water companies, pipelines,boundaries etc.
[d] 297x200mm Emarginate but v deleted from G in arms so post 1937.

8.2 Waved lineation on buff [1] ?One-inch England & Wales/Scotland Engraved Black Outline Series
[See No 80] One-inch England & Wales/?Scotland War Revision/Second War Revision, 1940
One-inch England & Wales outline District Maps with sienna roads
Taunton [One-inch Popular Edition sheets 120/129 conjoined], c.1928 [17]
Marlborough [One-inch Popular (Special Edition, with Hills) sheet 112], 1931

[a][b] 94x177mm Adhesive 500/28. Popular (see also H.07.2b) Note different ampersands!(Was the 500 printing a special for BARNICOTT&PEARCE?)
[c] [d] 97x177mm Adhesive 3000/31. Note "Sheet" and "SHEET" and different texts under MARLBOROUGH

[e] 90x179mm Adhesive 500/31. Outline.
[f] 104x177mm Adhesive "EDITION OF 1915"

[g] 112x194mm Bookfold 2650/34.
[h] 110x193mm Adhesive 1925 Note no price.
[i] 148x196mm A combination of 3rd.SSO sheets 267,268,282,283,284,298,299&315 all emarginate,all 1910 or earlier. The cover 1924 or later. Produced only for Hampshire County Council?

8.3 Double lineation 8.3.a.1 Red on white paper Six-inch [black] Town Maps, 1931 [2]
[a] 103x190mm Direct 1000/35. Outline. Also 1000/36.
[b] 108x178mm Direct 1000/32. Outline.

107x183mm Direct 2536.Fourth Edition.SCOTLAND,SHEET 3" (Coloured) Note E not Gv on arms.

8.3.b Black on buff card/paper 8.3.b.1 Standard format Norfolk Broads [One-inch Special Sheet Popular Edition], 1932. See No 24 [8]
[a] 110x201mm Hinged 4050/32. "SPECIAL SHEET POPULAR EDITION"
[b] No NET, price in manuscript, change of text below.
[c] 109x201mm Proof cover mounted on thick card 1932 written on back.
[d] 110x188mm Hinged, . Popular Edition One -inch Map. War Revision 1940. Published at the War Office 1931. Sales copy. Price One Shilling & Sixpence. Revised Price 2/- net.

8.3.b.2 Large portrait format London Passenger Transport Map [One-inch Popular Edition], 1934
[a] 199x300mm Bookfold 2650/34.
[b] 286x414mm Adhesive 550/36. Parliamentary etc. Boundaries in colour on grey outline map. Note ER. Cover GvR 254x360mm also on 25inch to 1 mile "STAFFORDSHIRE SheetLVI.13"

8.3.b.3 Long format Main Roads of London [one-inch map], 1934 [published 1935]
[a] 119x288mm Hinged 3000/34. Grey outline with red/black roads and green woods/parks. The folded map is also found in an envelope at the back of "Routes Through Towns" H.8.3d.
[b] 119x286mm Hinged 3000/34. Title and lineage rearranged, v removed from G on arms.

8.3.b.4 Large landscape format Six-inch sheets; Agricultural Atlases

[a] 278x203mm Adhesive Reprint 50/34. "EDITION OF 1910" The same cover design is used on 6" maps for CAMBRIDGESHIRE,CHESHIRE and LANCASHIRE. Also 1/2" County "DIAGRAM OF DENBIGHSHIRE" 336x281mm 650/36. ER "DIAGRAM OF FLINTSHIRE" 287x274mm 650/34. ER "DIAGRAM OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE" 332x207mm 650/36. ER
[b] 480x477mm 1000-7.32. 25 pages of maps printed on transparent paper + 3 coloured underlays in rear pocket. See also 8.1c [a].
[c] 231x152mm Adhesive (1910) Third SSSO Emarginate.
[d] 240x180mm 1934. ER on arms. (Map is entitled The Parliamentary County, Municipal Boroughs, Urban and Rural Districts and Civil Parishes).

8.3.c Ansell-fold maps [9] 8.3.c.1 Turquoise boards Road Map of Great Britain [ten-mile map], 1932/1935 [published 1937]
222x190mm Adhesive 5000/32.

8.3.c.2 Brown boards Fully Coloured Map of Great Britain [ten-mile map], 1932 [17]
235x196mm Adhesive (Emarginate but using the 1925 3 Sheet maps)

8.3.c.3 ?Blue boards ?Quarter-inch Map of Scotland, c.1932 [17]

8.3.c.4 Red boards 3-inch Map of London with Gazetteer, 1933
[a] 185x252mm Adhesive 1933
[b] 196x255mm 1933 Gold print on Red leatherette wallet containing Ansell-fold map and space for "Quarter Inch sheet of your own neighbourhood"

8.3.d Atlas, turquoise boards Routes Through Towns, 1934 [published 1935]235x209mm O.S.O.-9019-2,000 136pp+prelims.

Reference numbers in square brackets and artists' initials are explained here

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