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Reference numbers in square brackets and artists' initials are explained here


71 Foliaceous border, magenta [unknown artist] Jersey [Two-inch map], 1914. Post-1924 issues use the “Official” Royal Arms

  •  [a] 97x176mm Adhesive 1914. Second officially approved GvR arms approved design of 1911.
  •  [b] 97x172mm Adhesive 2000/24. "Snowstorm" arms of 1924. 
  • [c] 109x192mm Hinged/Adhesive 2000/31. White rather than the usual buff card. 


72 Mont Orgueil Castle JCTW Jersey [Two-inch map], 1933 [published 1934][?8]] 

  • [a]110x192mm Hinged 5000/34. No "Net"
  •  [b] "Net"
  •  [c] No "Net", no v after G.


73 Street scene with clock EM Six-inch [coloured] Town Maps, 1920

  •  [a] 110x197mm Bookfold+flap 1919. Title on sides. Fully coloured map. 
  • [b] 112x203mm Bookfold+flap 1919. No title on sides. Fully coloured map. H.73.[c] 110x193mm, Adhesive. 1922. Black title


For full set of titles see separate page


74 The arms of York AP City of York [Six-inch (coloured) Town Map], 1920, Bookfold+flap Title on sides. Fully coloured map. 

  • [a] 112x199mm. Paper.
  •  [b] 112x203mm. Cloth. Also recorded without side titles. 
  • [c] Buff un-titled sides.


75 The River Thames at night: the view downstream from Hungerford Bridge EM London [Six-inch map], 1920 [17] - 20 sheets lettered A-T Central London: for the International Federation of Surveyors, 5th International Congress, Held in London, 18th-21st July, 1934 

  • [a] 145x210mm Bookfold 1920. Outline map with red contours.
  •  [b] 151x215mm Bookfold/Adhesive (The view cut down from the 6" cover). 500/34. 3" Coloured map of "Central London" + 6" Outline extract for Westminster. 

 76 Manx cat EJH Isle of Man [One-inch Popular Edition sheet 17], 1921

  •  [a] 96x177mm Adhesive 5000/27. "PRICE 1/6 Paper"
  •  [b] 96x176mm Adhesive 5000/27. "PRICE 2/6 Mounted" (cloth) 
  • [c] Open book 236x196mm Book/adhesive 4,000/34. Sheet number added top right. Lower case "Price"


  • [d] 111x192mm Hinged 5500/31 This (cloth) printing also recorded in hinge/adhesive cover with "Price" but without "17".
  •  [e]119x202mm. Benderfold/adhesive 4038. No title on spine.


77 Trees with sun eclipsed EM The Solar Eclipse 29th June, 1927 [Ten-mile map]; cover title Eclipse Map 

  • 157x222mm Adhesive 5000/27. Also "Mounted in Sections Price 4/-" 159x225mm. 


78 Scrollwork and highlanders EM Scotland [Ten-mile map], 1927

  •  [a] 128x229mm Hinged 3000/27. Price 4/- NET .Two lines of text at bottom. 
  • [b] 128x229mm Hinged 3000/27. Price 4/- NET .Three lines of text at bottom. 
  • [c] 125x228mm Adhesive 3000/27. Price 5/- .Three lines of text at bottom.


79 Scrollwork and compass EM A Plan of Part of the Town of Cambridge for the International Geographical Congress 1928. The design in colour was used on A Description of the Ordnance Survey Small-Scale Maps, 1930/1935/1937 

  • [a] 125x190mm Adhesive 12" Outline map with blue water and red title and conference buildings. 
  • [b] 158x245mm Booklet. Editions 7,8 & 9.


80 Lineation as H.8.2  

  • 1 The arms of Bristol {unknown artist] British Association Topographical Map for the Bristol Meeting 1930; cover title British Association Bristol Meeting 1930: Excursion Map 102x177mm Adhesive 3000/30. Layered map.
  •  2 The Scottish royal arms {unknown artist] Dundee District 100x174mm. 1909. Third edition brown roads parts of sheets 56,57,48,49


81 St Paul’s Cathedral EM “3-inch” Map of London, 1933 – 4 sheets 

  • [a], [b], [c], [d] 118x187mm Bookfold 6000/33. GvR.


  • [e] ER. Text under sheet name in upper case.


82 Moulin Huet Bay JCTW Guernsey [Three-inch map], 1934 [7] [?8]

  •  [a] 108x192mm Hinged 2100/34. GvR "Net"
  •  [b] 119x192mm. Hinged. 5000/34. GviR. "Net" deleted.
  •  [c] 113x195mm Benderfold 5,000/46. Cream background,No title on spine, GviR, "Net" deleted. Paper.
  •  [d] 112x195mm. 5,000/46. Titled spine.Cloth.
  •  [e] 118x203mm Hinged Dissected map.


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