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Reference numbers in square brackets and artists' initials are explained here 

28 Three people in tourer EM England & Wales/Scotland Tourist Maps, 1920 [3]. Also used on "A Description of the Ordnance Survey Small Scale Maps", [1919]/1920/1921/1923/1925/1927

  •  [a] 95x176mm Adhesive 1920. The significance of 2/- remains to be explained. 
  • [b] [c] Adhesive 98x177mm Hinged/Adhesive 103x192mm (The precut adhesive cover mounted on card then hinged to map) Both 1920. Note price styles. The map title is "ROTHESAY & FIRTH OF CLYDE" cover title presumably for Dunoon stationers.
  •  [d] Hinged/Adhesive 104x190mm. 1920. Note "Net" added to price. 
  • [e] 107x180mm Adhesive 1921.


  • [f] 98x177mm Adhesive 1920
  •  [g] 94x177mm Adhesive 1921. 
  • [h] 95x177mm Adhesive 1920. 
  • [i] 101x177mm Adhesive 1920.


  • [j] 98x177mm Adhesive 1920. See also Dunoon. 
  • [k] 95x175mm Adhesive 1920. 
  • [l] 165x247mm Booklet. Editions 1,2,3,4,5&6


29 Black car in profile AP England & Wales Popular Edition District/Tourist Maps, ?1922 [6] England & Wales/Scotland Third Edition District Maps, c.1922 [17] 

  • [a][b] Both 96x176mm Adhesive 1925. "SPECIAL SHEET. POPULAR EDITION" at top.
  •  [c][d] Both 96x176mm Adhesive 1919. The map headed (top right)"PROVISIONAL POPULAR EDITION" Note change of price and typeface.


  •  [e][f] Both 96x179mm Adhesive 4000/25. (Third Edition) Note change of Scale from lower to upper case.
  •  [g] 96x176mm Adhesive 1913 (Third Edition) 
  • [h] 107x192mm Hinged/Adhesive 1922 The map headed (top right)"TOURIST MAP" Note "Net" after price. "HERTFORD" and "ST. ALBANS" cover titles also recorded for this map. 


  • [i] 110x197mm Hinged 4000/29. The map headed (top right)"TOURIST MAP" As the white paper of the cover does not extend over the hinge this may be a Hinge/Adhesive format with unusually large Adhesive proportions.


For full set of titles see separate page 

30 Hiker at stile EM England & Wales Third/Popular Edition District Maps, c.1932 [17] [8] England & Wales/Scotland Popular Edition Tourist Maps, c.1932 [17] [8]

  •  [a][b] Both 110x192mm Hinged 5000/34. Brown background. Note changes of text and type in title box. 
  • [c] 113x197mm Hinged 3,200/33. Before the map got it's H.58 design.
  •  [d] 110x193mm. Hinged. 2700/34. Place's Waterproof Paper. 


  • [e] 119x200mm Benderfold 5036. Cream background. Title on spine.
  •  [f] 120x195mm Benderfold 5,000/1/43.l.r. No title on spine.
  •  [g] 112x200mm Hinged 1040. Cream background on hinged cover with dissected map . The cloth map has a Benderfold cover with titled spine.


For full set of titles see separate page 

31 Man in plus-fours with dogs AP ?Unused District Map design 

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